He Aha o Whakaaro? What are your thoughts?

Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust Board (“PTB”) recently commissioned a legal review of the Charitable Trust Deed that currently governs the operation of the PTB. It is recognised that in order to be fit for purpose now and in to the future, an alternative and more appropriate governance structure is necessary to enable greater benefits for the hapu, Patuharakeke.

PTB has called two hui-a-hapu to discuss and seek feedback in relation to the need for change. In order to gain a greater insight as to what hapu members would want reflected in a future governance structure we would like your feedback and comments on the key issues.

Please complete the following feedback / submission form. Please note that you are not required to answer all of the questions in this form. You are welcome to provide feedback on only particular questions if you wish. You can see a copy of the current Trust Deed here.


Issues for feedback/submission:

1. Trustee Accountability

The trustees are currently accountable to the hapu by way of annual external audit of its finances, annual financial reports and portfolio/subcommittee reports being provided to the hapu at the Annual General Meeting which is a publicly advertised hui, and regular updates by trustees on the website and social media.

Is this adequate?

Please tell us why.

Are there any other methods of coverage that you can recommend in order to enable better reporting and feedback for Annual and Special General Meetings?

Examples may include live streaming, written feedback period on major constitutional issues prior to Annual General Meeting, lengthy notice periods.

2. Current Election Process

The current Trust Deed does not provide for an election process and the power to appoint trustees rests with the current trustees. It is important that an electronic process is introduced so that all members over the age of 18 can vote on who will fill the trustee positions.

Generally, trusts predominantly carried out their voting processes by way of nomination and a show of hands at the relevant AGM. Trusts have since moved toward providing for those that live outside of the rohe. This in recognition of the accessibility and scope that technology gives whanau.

What is you preferred voting method?

Do you support proxy votes?

3. Trust Deed Review

The current deed does not contain a review clause which directs regular assessment of the objects, scope and structure of the Trust Deed. The benefits of having a review clause include providing greater accountability and ensuring that the Trust is functioning in such a way that provides for the greater return to its beneficiaries.

How regular do you want a review of the Trust carried out (to ensure it continues to be fit for purpose)?

Please tell us why.

4. Term of Office

It is important that elected trustees are given the opportunity to carry out their role on certain projects and portfolios while recognizing the need to continue with a succession plan. It is recommended that a minimum term is 3 years with the ability for at least 1 further re-nomination and term.

What term of trusteeship is appropriate for a trustee?

Please tell us why.

5. Registration to the Patuharakeke Te Iwi Trust Board

What is your preferred method of registration?

Please tell us why.

6. Eligibility for Membership

Patuharakeke is currently defined by those who affiliate to kainga at Takahiwai, Titahi, Mangapai, Otaika, Toetoe and Tamaterau. This is inconsistent with some of the korero tuku iho and what is reflected in official documents (Patuharakeke HEMP and legal documents produced for the Waitangi Tribunal and endorsed by kaumatua outlining Motatau and Te Urikuri as Patuharakeke tupuna) drafted on behalf of Patuharakeke and in relation to Patuharakeke.

We recommend that the membership of Patuharakeke is amended to reflect the korero tuku iho and official documents drafted on behalf of Patuharakeke.

How would you like to see Patuharakeke reflected in the Trust Deed?

7. Do you have any other comments to make in relation to either the current or new Trust body? (e.g structure, name, dispute resolution)

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