Hui with Ngatiwai Trust Board

The key purpose of the hui was a kanohi ki te kanohi delivery of our submission and to also give clear notice and seek their support for Patuharakeke to directly negotiate a settlement of our historical claims. Chair of the Claims Progression Hui, Deborah Harding did an exceptional job of summarising our key points to the Ngatiwai Chair, CEO and several other trustees and staff.

Key points were:
1. We have always acknowledged our whakapapa links to Ngatiwai.
2. PTB is the mandated body to represent the interests of Patuharakeke regarding the settlement of historic Treaty grievances.
3. We have managed high level engagements and strategic relationships relating to environmental, social, political and legal matters relating to Patuharakeke for decades now autonomously.
4. It is the fault of the Crown that is trying to fit Patuharakeke into three boxes.
5. Our submission to the Deed of Mandate strategy is not anti Ngatiwai but pro Patuharakeke.
6. As with Manuhiri and Ngati Rehua we therefore seek Ngatiwai Trust Board’s support to progress and settle our claim autonomously.

The response we had from Ngatiwai Trust Board was that they recognise our mana in our rohe and the immense amount of mahi we have done and continue to do. Also acknowledging that their door is always open and they wish to continue dialogue with us on an ongoing basis. However, the process going forward is essentially a Crown one (Office of Treaty Settlements) and they anticipate we will be sitting around the table with them and OTS in the near future as part of that process.
It was nice to have several whaea, kaumatua and whanau to tautoko. So still a long way to go whanau but the collective spirit and whakaaro is there. PTB will provide a more in depth update on the claims kaupapa at the upcoming Marae Trustees meeting on 31st August.