Mair Bank Pipi Closure

The Minister for Primary Industries has agreed with submissions from ourselves and others to close Mair Bank to recreational and commercial harvesting of pipi under section 11 of the Fisheries Act. This closure will incorporate the adjacent Marsden Bank (which has now been closed for several years at our request) and will come into effect on the 1st October 2014.

After consultation with the taumata, PTB and our Roopu Mana Moana will advise on when  a customary rahui (there is already one in place over Marsden Bank) will go down on Mair Bank to support and strengthen the s 11 closure. It is very distressing to have to support this sort of action but the state of these mahinga kai are so depleted we have little choice if we are to protect the remaining stock at these sites.

An integrated proactive approach by MPI and other relevant agencies and stakeholders, in conjunction with Patuharakeke as mana whenua mana moana, is required to clearly identify the causes of the pipi decline and formulate a plan for their management going forward.

A copy of the Ministers’ letter is available to download here and final advice papers can be found at the link below. PTB’s submission has been uploaded to the Rohe Moana Committee page where you can read all the background material on these issues.