PTB reject Tuhoronuku Hapu Kaikorero process


Patuharakeke Trust Board (PTB) spokesperson Gilbert Paki said today that the board rejects the Tuhoronuku Independent Mandated Authorty’s (TIMA) ‘hapu kaikorero process’.

Mr Paki states that it undermines the PTB’s hapu approved mandate to settle historic Treaty claims autonomously, or with other like-minded hapu within its region.

“Our process involves our kaumatua and whanau representatives as our governance, and it is tikanga based. The Crown and TIMA are cutting across tikanga and driving a firm wedge between our people and an opportunity to have our issues addressed in a manner meaningful to us.

“Both the Crown and TIMA are acting in bad faith by proceeding with haste while this issue is before the Court. Patuharakeke continue to suffer great prejudice from a process we have consistently opposed.”

“Through the actions of the Crown, we are nearly landless, we are fast becoming voiceless and our mana is not being recognised. ”